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14 Essential Tips In 2019 For Improving Your Web Design

A visitor will determine if he wants to stay to look at your page or not in just five seconds of landing on your page. A website has a very small timeframe to impress the audience and the website needs to be designed in a way to keep the visitors attracted to your webpage. Your website needs to communicate with the visitor about what you do clearly. To help you achieve the goal, we have some 14 essential tips to improve your web design

Have a plan

Ensure that your website meets the needs of your visitors, one needs to have a plan to attract them. You want to know what the visitor expects and want to design your webpage accordingly.

Remove certain elements from your website


There are certain elements in your website that is an instant turn off and can distract the audience from conveying the proper message — things like complicated animation, long contents, unrelated website image.

Include social share and follow buttons

Great content on your website will take you a long way, but by adding social share buttons, you will ensure that the social media traffic, can generate a lot of traffic on your website.

Implement call to action

Once the visitor is on your site, let them know what to view and what actions they can take to lead them to the right page.

Use relevant images

Images convey a lot to the audience, and using the right one will help you ensure that the content is elevated.

relevant images


When designing a website, add a navigation key. As a navigation key gives the website an illusion of being organized and also enable the visitors to reach them easily.

Let them visit and scroll your homepage

Do not hesitate to keep your home page a little longer. This helps the visitor to direct them and use the proper areas of the site to help create a seamless experience.

Do not be afraid of white space

White space is essential as it is an important design element that helps break the page. This increases readability and makes sure that it is differentiated from other pages.

Mobile Optimization

80% of the internet user you see today use mobile to get their information. Try to optimize your webpage and ensure that it caters to the needs of mobile users.

Get found

Try creating a website that can be found easily and this starts with SEO strategy as it takes into consideration what your audience is searching for and allows your website to show, if relevant to the search.

Never Stop testing

Never Stop testing

Visitor if they find your page relevant check out your previous pages. It is your responsibility that your webpage is updated and also make sure that the information you put before is not outdated.

identify unknown 404’s

If you are a large website, they are possibilities that your website might have a few pages that are unresponsive which can throw your visitors. Evaluate your page and fix any broken pages to ensure that you have a high performing landing page.

Create New or Unique Offering

There are many other pages offering the same information as you, what are the thing that makes your website unique? Try to add offers, demos, and items to make sure that your website is attractive.

Update your content

The main purpose of writing the content is to attract visitors. Try inserting words like we and our to help them understand and directly explain the issue.